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Digital Technology and Services provides On-site computer networking, computer support and services and computer network installation in Atlanta, Georgia, to help you optimize your network functionality and make your business run smooth with no network-related issues or threats. We mainly provide computer software and hardware services, network services, and on-going support to your overall network.

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IT Support

Small to medium-sized businesses or homes constantly need IT support. Give us a call to provide you with the best technical solutions and support that suit your work. Having specialized IT technicians will allow you focus more on your own business and work for better productivity. Moreover, better IT support means better productivity and efficiency, and higher availability of service. That is what we want to do for you!

We generate useful information for your business by examining your databases

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Windows Server Support

Windows Server Support

If you are a small to medium-sized business, and you are in need of server-oriented services, then we got you covered. Our support to Windows server includes all versions and editions. Services include, hosting websites, user and application management, backup , security, authentication, and authorization. We will support you with ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance.


Get your cost-effective network installation with reliable and secure connectivity. That includes routers, switches, PCs, laptops, printers, VoIP phones, and cloud. We make sure that your SOHO network is installed, configured, and monitored effectively to help run your business smoothly. Having a secure and reliable network for your business is a key for your success. Without a secure environment, you will not be able to comfortably communicate with your team within your organization, and you will not be able to browse the Internet safely. We install Small Office Home Office Networks that are easy to operate and manage. We find the best solutions and possibilities that work specifically for your business. Read More...


We all care about the speed of our computers. We need computers to run at high speed without annoying pop ups here and there that indicate some security issues. You are right, when you bought your computer back then it was running fast and smooth but now it is not like before at all. When your computer starts running slow, there are plenty of options to do than just throwing it away and buying a new one. Read More...


Any organization, business, or home that uses cyberspace is vulnerable for cyber attacks. That includes but not limited to data loss, identity theft, reputation loss, and destruction. In fact, any device connected to the Internet is vulnerable to many types of threats and attacks. Until today, there is no one way that could protect your device or network completely from cyber attacks. However, you can reduce the potentials and make your systems as secure as possible. Read More..


VoIP or Phone Service Over the Internet is a modern technology used for phone service in addition to the traditional phone service that uses analog lines. This is service will become part of your network due to the fact that it uses TCP/IP to send and receive voice data. It basically turns analog signals into digital signals in order to transmit them through the Internet. It is that simple!! Read More...


Using Amazon Web services (AWS), we provide you with the best cloud solution suggestions that fit your business needs. Depending on your Business size and industry, we will be able to identify the best cloud service for you in order to have sufficient and cost-effective service delivered to you.